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How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart
Basic and Advanced Techniques

19 Videos- 15 Charts - Ear Training - Practice Tracks - 3 Charting Templates- How to Chart a Medley
Bonus Material - 1 Month Subscription to Drum Chart Builder and 5 Additional Charts for Practice

How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart
Basic Method

12 Videos- 3 Charts - Ear Training -
Practice Tracks- 1 Charting Template

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Book Testimonials From Drummers That Are Using Our Method

"Liz's system is presented in a concise and well organized manner.  Although every drummer has their own approach to this necessary and invaluable skill; Liz's approach is a great introduction to the steps needed to get started. The playing examples are clean and well recorded and the methodical layout of the book makes learning 'fast and easy'!

Rich Redmond
(Jason Aldean/Sessions)

"How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart is useful and uncomplicated yet musically correct. I recommend it for all drummers, whether they think they are composers or not. Because, in reality, we are!

Louie Bellson


"Liz Ficalora's new book, 'How To Write a Fast And Easy Drum Chart Book 2' will help students in understanding the various parts of a tune and how they can quickly put together a chart that indicates all the basic information that they will need when performing. Most contemporary rock and pop tunes are relatively simply in design and using Liz's method will help you to get everything right the first time. This method will be especially handy for students with limited reading ability. Definitely worth checking out.

Gary Chaffee
Clinician, Teacher, Author

"How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart" The title says it all. This is a brilliant piece of work that is a necessity to drummers of all levels. Liz explains her method to writing a simple and effective chart in a clear and concise manner. These chart writing skills will not only benefit yourself but the entire band as well.
Thumbs up.

Jeff Salem


"A great system for putting together effective and useful charts. Much faster than anything Iíve ever used. This charting system works well and is easy to learn.
Lizís system cuts the time and hassle out of learning new songs. Awesome!

Peter Barbeau
Celine Dion/Roch Voisine/Sass Jordan/Aldo Nova

"Nothing complicated about this book. Easy to use and easy to understand. It is a great tool for teaching young musician's about musical form and the perfect guide to quick chart writing."

Lalo Davila
Professor of Music, Director of Percussion Studies, Middle Tennessee State University

"This system of charting is very effective"If your looking for a way to learn songs quickly with minimal hassle
factor this is it... charting out your parts is a skill that WILL GET YOU GIGS!

Session Player

Your method of charting is very easy to use and easier to follow than number charts.
Keepin' the Rhythm,


Professional Drummer and Session Player
Nashville, Tenn.

"Liz's quick and easy method of writing drum charts has helped my drumming immensely. It's a sensible and efficient way to keep track of song arrangements. The process is a natural extension of her simple to follow teaching style,

Great job, Liz

Suzie Wright,

Professional Drummer
Mount Juliet, Tenn.

"This is an amazing book for beginners or life long drummers. It is so easy to comprehend, and it makes drumming fun and easy to learn.

Allison Arata

Student, Brentwood, Tenn.

Tried the system yesterday and it is great! Terrific to see a visual of the whole song on one half a page. Also showed my teacher and he loved it - said it was very "clean".
I look forward to working with your approach more and may have some questions.
Thank you for taking the time to document it!!

Professional drummer

"Liz Ficalora's book has been a great asset to my teaching repertoire. I personally use it with my student's and discuss during drum clinics, how this book works and benefits the drummer. This book has helped me greatly in preparing for work and just getting better at writing and reading music as well."

"How To Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart" is a must have in your collection, CHECK IT OUT!!!

Chris Infusino

Session Player and Teacher

"Your charting system is KILLER!!! It really makes it much easier to get the chart written up, and even easier to read! I've been handed 26 tunes, many of which are originals, for this new group, and I'm charting and reading faster than I ever have before!

Good for you!!! Only wish I'd thought of this myself...Ya know...Music notation pads are for "Writing Music"...but, your stuff is truly a "CHART" What is should be!

Feel free to use any or all of my note in your ads.....

All the best, Paisano!!!

Bob DeSimone
Big Mama Thornton, The Bernie Pearl Band, Dr. John, Albert King, Long Gone Miles, Curtis Tillman, Taj Mahal & Chuck Berry.

P.S. If you get a chance, a little about me

" This book really opened new ways to write out the drum chart fast . "

" I ' ve saved lot's of time in sessions using this method . "

" My students have really enjoyed Liz ' s method . "

Tommi Rautiainen
Freelance Drummer, Teacher, Author
Helsinki, Finland

"As soon as your book arrived in the mail, I hastily tore away the package, opened the book, made some tea and dove right in. It was the most logical, straight forward method I have ever seen. It was so simple that I said to myself why I didn't I think of this?î Well, I'm grateful that you did. I was up and writing charts the very next day.
I can't tell you how much time and anxiety this is saving me. I've recently used this method for sixteen songs that a singer/songwriter hired me."

Best regards,
Bill Supino
Professional Drummer

Hi Liz,

"Finding your book on Amazon was like being thrown a lifeline while sinking in quicksand!

As a new drummer, I had been trying to find country music charts in order to see "how they do it" - hard to find. Until I discovered your book, "How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart". Boy, can you ever communicate in a helpful way!

I'm a retired guy who is working on a highly aspirational "Bucket List". Since November 2012, I've been working very diligently on learning how to play the drums in the context of country music. You seem to be the God-send that I've been looking for.

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow your dreams, creating the F&E Drum Chart, writing the book, and so effectively teaching me and scores of others how to play better drums."

Your latest and greatest fan,
Richard Buchanan


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All Charts are One Page PDF"S for Instant Download.
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These charts are simply a map of the song form and the drum
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