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Louie Bellson

How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart is useful and uncomplicated yet musically correct. I recommend it for all drummers, whether they think they are composers or not. Because, in reality, we are!

--Louie Bellson


"Discover How ANY Drummer Can Write A Simple Drum Chart Without Writing out Bar After Bar of Notation and Still Play the Song EXACTLY Like the Recording--Every Time!"

If You Are A Working Drummer, Returning Drummer or a Drummer Who is Ready to Go Pro, You Can Make Your Gigs and Sessions go smoothly....And I GUARANTEE You Will Never Miss an Accent or Fill Again!


Gary Chaffee

"Liz Ficalora's new book, 'How To Write a Fast And Easy Drum Chart Book 2' will help students in understanding the various parts of a tune and how they can quickly put together a chart that indicates all the basic information that they will need when performing. Most contemporary rock and pop tunes are relatively simple in design and using Liz's method will help you to get everything right the first time. This method will be especially handy for students with limited reading ability. Definitely worth checking out.

Gary Chaffee
Clinician, Teacher, Author

About Our Charts

Chart Example
Bonnie Raitt - Love Sneakin Up On You.

Easy Drum Charts are one-page charts built for the professional drummer.
These charts are not like the common drum music which is bar after bar of notation.
All charts are one page built to be viewed on a mobile device or printed on one page.

These charts are used by professionals who only need
the song form mapped out and
a simple one to two bar drum pattern that is used in each song form.

These charts are great for teachers to show students
how a song is put together, how to count and how to read a drum pattern.

These charts can be used by any level drummer. 
Knowledge of basic drum notation is recommended.
Drummers must be able to count measures when playing.
Print charts and save in a three-ring binder
or save PDF's to your computer and view on a mobile device.

How to Read and Play Our Charts.
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