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"Discover How ANY Drummer Can Write A Simple Drum Chart
Without Writing Out Bar After Bar of Notation and Still Play the Song EXACTLY Like the Recording--Every Time!"

If You Are A Working Drummer, Returning Drummer or a Drummer Who is Ready to Go Pro,
You Can Make Your Gigs and Sessions go smoothly....And I GUARANTEE
You Will Never Miss an Accent or Fill Again!

      The Book Includes:

  • 56 Pages of Drum Charting Instruction
  • 54 tracks of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns
  • 1 Original Song Track to Chart and Play Along
  • 15 Drum Charts of Popular and Current Music
  • 12 Step Easy Method to Writing a Drum Chart for Cover or Original Music
  • 4 Pages of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns to listen, practice and learn.
  • 3 Different Blank Charts For Copying
NAMM Show Booth for Drum Chart Builder. Sean Paddock (Kenny Chesney) and Troy Luccketta (Tesla) use this method book.
NAMM Show Booth for Drum Chart Builder. Sean Paddock (Kenny Chesney) and Troy Luccketta (Tesla) use this method book.

Hard Copy Now Available

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Endorsed by Rich Redmond

"Liz's system is presented in a concise and well organized manner.
Liz's approach is a great introduction to the steps
needed to get started. The playing examples are clean and well recorded
and the methodical layout of the book makes learning 'fast and easy'!
-Rich Redmond-

Endorsed by Louie Bellson

How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart is useful and uncomplicated yet musically correct. I recommend it for all drummers, whether they think they are composers or not. Because, in reality, we are!
-Louie Bellson--

Endorsed by Gary Chaffee

"Liz Ficalora's new book, will help students in understanding the various parts of a tune and how they can quickly put together a chart that indicates all the basic information that they will need when performing. Definitely worth checking out.
-Gary Chaffee-

The Best Drum Charting Instruction Book and Software Bundles

Download your copy today.
Book and Drum Chart Builder Subscription Bundles Available Here. endorses the Drum Chart Builder Drum Charting Software.

Drum Chart Builder was designed by the author of the book "How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart" Liz Ficalora
Use this software to build charts just like the ones in the book.

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About Our Charts

All Charts are One Page PDF"S for Instant Download.
These are professional charts used by working drummers.
These charts are simply a map of the song form and the drum
patterns that are played in that song.
Give this easy method a try!

Drum Charting Service

No Time To Write Your Charts?

Are you playing in many bands and you need to chart all those songs?

We can help!
$20 per chart

Fast turnaround
We send them to you as a pdf or
upload them into your Drum Chart Builder account.


How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart

19 Videos- 15 Charts - Ear Training - Practice Tracks
3 Charting Templates- How to Chart a Medley
Bonus Material
1 Month Subscription to Drum Chart Builder and
5 Additional Charts for Practice

SALE $139.99

How to Write a Quick Chart
When The Gig Starts In 2 Hours

What do you do when you get the last minute call and
the gig starts in 2 hours and you have 12 songs to learn?

You use the template that is available for download once you enroll in this quick course. 

This Method is Road Tested.


Up and Coming Events 2022-2023


Clinic at the Jazz Education Network Conference

By eficalora | August 1, 2022

Clinic Presentation – How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart – 50 minute Clinic on January 7th at 9:00 AM January 4 -7 2023 The Jazz Education Network annual conference brings together jazz beginners and experts for a once-in-a lifetime experience. Part music festival, part networking, part education and all inspiration. The annual…

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Drum Charting Software

Build One Page Drum Charts and Setlists For Your
Performances, Sessions, Auditions and Practice Fast!

Downloads and Works on All Devices for Online and Offline Use

Keep organized and create clean and clear drum charts for all your bands and artists.

Drum Chart Builder is a SaaS subscription application. Subscriptions start at $4.99 a day - $39.99 for a year

Designed by Author Liz Ficalora
"How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart."
"I had to chart 96 songs in two weeks! So I designed Drum Chart Builder."

Print and Create Your Own
Artist Drum Chart Songbook.

Did you know that you can build and print charts to create an artist songbook for your gigs and shows?
Check out this video of Nashville Drummer, Debbie Flood as she talks about how she uses Drum Chart Builder.

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All Three Devices Iphone has welcome

Build One Page
Drum Charts and Setlists
for Your Performances, Practice and Auditions
Fast and Easy!!

Build charts on your computer and
take your mobile device to your gig

Tutorial Included
Works On All Devices

Downloads for Online and Offline Use

2019 Stephanie Urbana Jones Setup using Drum Chart Builder

Designed by Author Liz Ficalora
"How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart."
"I had to chart 96 songs in two weeks!
So, I designed Drum Chart Builder."

View All Charts on Mobile Devices