Setting the Standard In Drum Music Software

- Liz Ficalora. CEO, Software Designer -

About Drum Chart Builder and Easy Drum Chart

96 Song to chart and the band leaves in two weeks.
At a rehearsal, you are given 5 pages of measure after measure of music to play.
Auditions, how to do you prepare?
Bands and shows, how do you keep organized?

Many drummers every day are faced with this problem and are forced to solve the problem either by hoping they can memorize all the songs or write an unorganized, hard to read drum chart from scratches they wrote upon a napkin and hope they get it right. Every day, drummers have to play it right the first time without drum music because most composers don’t know how to write drum music and a chart is not available. Drummers are constantly told to just play and then are criticized for not playing it the way the composer/songwriter envisioned the song to sound.

Highly qualified drummers are seeking a solution to a problem that will help them solve all these problems so they can play with confidence, play it right the first time and land better jobs. Beginning drummers and drummers who ready to go pro would jump at a solution to a problem that would help them play with confidence and land a job to accelerate their careers to reach their musical goals. The professionals 25-65 know there is a problem. The 18-24-year-olds are about to find out that there is a problem.

With 40 years of professional music experience, we have solved that problem for drummers, songwriters, and composers with the book “How to Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart,” Alfred Publishing. We started with a drum chart store called Easy Drum Chart to selling the book and it quickly expanded to selling the single charts we enjoyed writing. With this simple concept, we have designed an online tool to create a simple and easy drum chart fast and easy. This tool is the first of its kind to help drummers, songwriters, and composers to create a drum chart for all of their projects and bands that they work with. Along with a community membership website, drummers will soon be able to create and share charts globally, helping one another to achieve success.

This program is called DrumChartBuilder.

About Liz Ficalora Drum Chart Builder Designer

Owner of and, Liz Ficalora is a drummer, clinician, author, teacher, audio engineer, producer, songwriter, and music software designer.

She is a published author with Alfred Publishing a First Place Award Winning Jingle Writer for Maxwell House Coffee and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.
As a performer, she has extensive touring experience with Stella Parton, Charlie Louvin, Walter Egan, Carnival Cruise Line, Grand Rivers Variety Shows, Sterling and Calliopes Children Steel Band.

During all her years of performing experience, Liz developed a drum charting method and authored the book, “How to Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart,” published by Alfred Publishing and is now available in her store Easy Drum Chart, music stores and Amazon worldwide. Her store products include drum sheet music, drum charting books, and drum charting services worldwide.

Liz’s drum charting method book is endorsed by Remo, Vic Firth, Louie Bellson, Gary Chaffee, Rich Redmond, Lalo Davila and the method is becoming the standard that is used by professional drummers worldwide. She has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine, Drum! Magazine, Rhythm Magazine and Berklee Today

After the release of her book, she designed a new drum charting software program called Drum Chart Builder. This program is an online professional tool for drummers, songwriters and composers to create simple and easy drum charts for performances and practice. This program is an all-in-one tool to create song charts on your computer and take them with you on any mobile device.

"This is my dream, to create a program that becomes the standard in drum music software"
Liz Ficalora, CEO of Drum Chart Builder.

As an educator, Liz has taught master classes on Drum Charting, Preparing for a Performance and How to Use Drum Chart Builder at SAE Nashville, the Nashville Musicians Union, PAS International Conference, MTSU, TSU, 5 Star Drum Shops and Guitar Center.
She is currently the producer at her music production company called Sappho's Productions in Nashville TN. She has a full roster of private students in Nashville. Liz is currently performing with The Jill Sissel Band in Nashville.

Performance Credits

Pam Tillis, Nashville, TN. Percussionist
Stephanie Urbana Jones
Madame Gandhi
Stella Parton, Nashville, TN. Drummer and  Back-up singer
Walter Egan, Nashville, TN. Percussionist
Sterling, County Touring Band, Nashville, TN Drummer
Jill Sissel Band, Nashville, TN. Drummer, Producer, Back-up singer
Charles Holt, Artist, Los Angeles, CA. Drummer/Percussionist
Alisa Marano, Artist/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA. Percussionist/Backup Singer
Two Stories High, National New Thought Artists, Oregon. Drummer
Faith Reveria, National New Thought Artists, Franklin, TN. Drummer
Jack Fowler, National New Thought Artists Franklin, TN. Drummer
Jason and Demarco, National New Thought Artists, Franklin, TN. Drummer
First Church Unity Ensemble, Franklin, TN. Drummer, Producer
Benita Hill, Nashville, TN. Drummer
The Paint Sisters, Nashville Tn. Drummer, Producer, Back-up singer
Heather Davis Band, Nashville, TN. Drummer, Back-up singer
Charlie Louvin, Nashville, TN. Drummer
Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami, FL. Writer, Arranger, Drummer, Percussionist, Back-up singer
Nashville Celebration Chorus, performing with the Nashville Symphony at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.
Lisa Carver
Greg Forsman
Anne Mosher
Dave Pomeroy
Charlie Chadwick
The View, Boston, MA.
Calliopes Children Steel Band, Chappaqua, NY.
Opened for Colin Raye and Bryon White