The Nashville Number System or an Easy Drum Chart?

Which System Works Well For You?

I have been living in Nashville since 1994 and I learned how to read the Nashville Number system because no one ever handed me a drum chart.
This year, as I was working on The Merlin Gene Show, RFD TV, I got a chance to talk to the Eddy Anderson who is the drummer for the TV show filmed here at the Troubadour in Nashville, TN.
I work with the production company that puts the show together and I do the tele-prompting during the shoot and post production music video editing for the show to prepare it for broadcasting.

I thought all of you might be interested to hear how he plays the show so I asked him to show me his charts and talk about how he reads them.

Here is a video of Eddy Anderson talking to me at our lunch break about his charts.
I have attached some charts for you to download and try.


Download the Song Chart Silver Wings

Which one would you use?

Silver Wings Using the Drum Chart Builder App

Silver Wings Using the Nashville Number System

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