About Our Drum Charts

What is an Easy Drum Chart?

A Simple Easy One Page Drum Chart

It is an accurate and simple drum music that focuses on the form of the song rather than bar after bar of music notation.
This will allow all drummers to know exactly where they are in the song, play the time patterns and fills
in the right places and still be able to keep focused on the groove of the song.

Easy Drum Charts are one-page charts built for the professional drummer.
These charts are not like the common drum music which is bar after bar of notation.
All charts are one page built to be viewed on a mobile device or printed on one page.

These charts are used by professionals who only need
the song form mapped out and
a simple one to two bar drum pattern that is used in each song form.

These charts are great for teachers to show students
how a song is put together, how to count and how to read a drum pattern.

These charts can be used by any level drummer.
Knowledge of basic drum notation is recommended.
Drummers must be able to count measures when playing.
Print charts and save in a three-ring binder
or save PDF's to your computer and view on a mobile device.

What Are the Benefits

No Page Turning

Chart is Written on One Page
NO Page Turning
No Bar After Bar of Music Notation to Read
Concentrate on Playing Music not Reading Notation
Use Chart on a Mobile Device for Viewing

How Do You Read an Easy Drum Chart?

Watch the simple video on how to read an easy drum chart after you download a chart.

How to Read and Play Our Charts.
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