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Creating a Demo CD

How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

Let’s say you meet a busy record executive or producer and they need to hear you play right away. A Demo CD is always a good thing to have for that moment. Busy executives and producers will not have time to go to your website and most likely they will just forget anyway. So hand them a CD if they request it. They might just listen to it in their car on the way home.

When you put together a CD, make it a short 3 minute demo. Use small parts of about 6 of your best songs. Editing the songs with audio editing software is very helpful. Use fade in and fade out on all songs and connect them so they fade from one into the next one. It makes a very impressive CD.

Make sure you use songs that work with the style of music they are use to working with. They might hand it to other producers that are doing the same.

Label the CD with:

  1. You name and contact information
  2. Your website address
  3. List of songs and style of each song

Make sure your recordings are great quality wave files. Mp3’s don’t always sound great. I only trust a wave file for my material and I recommend that you do the same.

This month work on the CD project and spend time choosing your songs carefully. Be who you are and use your best stuff that represents your style the best. Edit all the audio tracks and create all the fade in and fade out sequences. Use your computer and design a label and insert for the CD.


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Collect Email Address Of Songwriters And Artist

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Collecting email address of Songwriters and Artist is a very effective way to keep in touch and keep you on their list of people to call when they are in need of a drummer.

Send out a monthly or weekly email to your list and keep in touch. Find out what they are doing and keep your name in front of all the other drummers who are trying to get the gig.

Write a quick and short email so you know they will read it if it is short and to the point.
Make sure that you create a short and to the point subject line so the songwriter and artist know that it is you and not junk mail.

Use these points:

Tell them where you are playing next
Tell them who you are playing with
Invite them to come out
Give them your phone number again and tell them to call if they can use your service.
Always have at least three links to your website.

This month, start to organize and collect email address of as many songwriters, band members, managers, producers, record label personnel, artists, composers, engineers, anyone that works in a studio, anyone that works for artist management.
Just about anyone that you meet who is in the music industry. Then create a simple email to keep in touch with your list. It is gold, take care of your list.

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Going to Songwriters Nights

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How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

I have been hired more times at songwriter’s nights than in any other way.

Go to Songwriters nights and meet the performing songwriters.
Ask for their email addresses and keep in touch.

Songwriters always need demo’s recorded and are constantly play out to get their songs heard.

Offer your services to them as a percussionist and drummer and be flexible with your time.
Play out as often as you can with them. Remember they know other songwriters so when you work with them and get that exposure , you will meet other songwriters who will also use your services.
It can snowball and you can be working a lot.

When I first moved to Nashville that is what I did and now I produce, play and engineer their songs in my studio. So it pays to play with everyone and keep in touch.

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The Value in Creating A Website

How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

Your website is your business card. It should have everything about you as a professional musician.
Include the following:

1. Bio (include a list of all the instruments you can play. This matters when it comes to pay.)
2. Audio demo (four songs in different styles)
3. Contact information
4. Equipment list

Websites can easily be updated whenever you have the material in hand. I feel it is best to have that control over your destiny. You can fix what you don’t like and add what you like without consulting someone else.
If you would like to build a regular site you can buy templates for as little as $40.00 and create a colorful site, add audio, pictures and just about anything without having to learn html code.
I use WordPress. It is simple to use and I get great results.

There is also and These are very easy to use and using them with your other websites works great. What I like about these social media sites is that you don’t have to write a long letter, just a few sentences. You will collect names very quickly with social media sites.

I have WordPress Site. I built the site and I recommend you do that also to have control of the content. You want to be able to change everything on your site at all times. Just imagine wanting to put up a new picture of yourself and you have to wait a week before your web designer can get to it.

Make it professional and simple to read. Start driving traffic there by contacting your friends and ask them to visit your site and comment on it.

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Make a Newsletter

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A simple newsletter is a very effective way to keep in contact with your email list.

You can design one yourself with a word processor or better yet, use Microsoft Publisher which has many templates for newsletters built in.
You can also use an automated email company to send out your emails also. I recommend and, there is a fee to use this service but the newsletters look great.
Add links to website
Add audio files
Add pictures

Make your newsletter simple and easy to read. Make it one short page with no more than three paragraphs of information.
With a newsletter you can add pictures and audio files (as an attachment) so it is an effective way to market yourself.

Remember most people do not spend a lot of time reading long emails because we all receive so many emails every day, so make it simple and to the point.

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Why do I Need a Chart?

Tour of The Progam Drum Instruction Drum Chart Builder 100quality
Drum Chart Builder Drum Music Software Program

You have just bought a method that is going to make you money. Having the ability to write a drum chart quickly and play songs accurately and correctly will keep you employed.

When you have learned the charting method, you will be able to get land a gig playing for National acts, road bands and any commercial venue that needs drummer that can play the song right the first time.
Playing the song right the first time equals call backs. Call backs equal more money.

Drummers that chart and play the song right the first time always get called again.
Why? because you are saving the band time.

Working bands want to put in as little time as they can into rehearsals. So if you can learn the song and chart it ahead of time, the band will see you are ready to go and they can start working immediately.

You want that edge over all the other drummers that are coming in for that audition so chart all songs that you don’t know.

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Go Out To Clubs And Sit In

Full Band at Greens Grocery

How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

The best way for anyone to trust that you are a great player and is better that a CD, is seeing for themselves.
Go out to clubs and see if you can sit in with a band. (Some bands might not let you because they have a certain show that they must follow.)
So, the best way is going to see a band that you know or better yet, going to see a drummer that you know. Your friend or friends will let you sit in.

This is great exposure and not only will the band member see and hear you, the audience can see you to. You never know who is out there and you can get a gig just by being seen in club circuit.

Always sit in with any band that asks you to even if you don’t know the music. Just follow the other musicians, watch the singer for cue’s and just play.
I have been hired for many gigs that way and I am sure you will to SO GO FOR IT!

Nashville has many clubs to go to and meet many musicians and get connected. The road musicians who are not on tour are all playing downtown at the local clubs. Get to know who they are and make friends with them first before you hand them a card.
Here are my three rules that you should know if you want meet the right people and get somewhere here in Nashville.
Rule 1. You never know who you are talking to so be nice.
Rule 2. They never look like what you expect them to,so be nice to everyone.
Rule 3. Do not tell them you are in the music business unless they ask. You can only do that after you have met them three times and they ask you first.

I was asked to join a National touring band on just a recommendation from another musician.
It is developing relationships and letting musicians get to know who you are.

This month, go out to the clubs and find a friends band and ask to sit in. You might not always get the chance but be ready.

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How Will Charting Get Me That Paying Gig?

1406420606301Your knowledge of the material matters.

If you know more about all the songs than the drummer who came in to the audition before you who do you think will get the gig?

Being prepared and ready to go is the key to getting the paying job.
If you have songs charted and can play them perfectly every time, you will get the gig. Time is very important to working bands. Gigs are already scheduled and they don’t have the time to rehearse all the songs, so you have to be able to learn them on your own.

Show them you have that skill and learn to chart and start working.