Three Blank Chart Template pdf’s (Song, Medley & Extended)


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Three blank drum chart PDF templates.
1. Song Chart for a standard cover or original song
2. Extended Chart for longer songs
3. Medley Chart for song medleys (4 songs per page)

I use the song chart for all the drum charts on this website.
I use the extended chart for songs that have a long song form.
I use the medley chart for shows when 4 plus songs are arranged to be played one after another.
Usually the songs are shorter than the originals so this template works well for short song forms.
Use this template for the variety shows if a copy of a drum score is not available.
(I got an audition for a show and they handed me a CD without a score so I created this template 
and landed the job. I played the medley just like the recording and so can you.)


These templates and all instruction as to how to use these blank charts 
are included in the book “How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart”



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