Why do I Need a Chart?

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You have just bought a method that is going to make you money. Having the ability to write a drum chart quickly and play songs accurately and correctly will keep you employed.

When you have learned the charting method, you will be able to get land a gig playing for National acts, road bands and any commercial venue that needs drummer that can play the song right the first time.
Playing the song right the first time equals call backs. Call backs equal more money.

Drummers that chart and play the song right the first time always get called again.
Why? because you are saving the band time.

Working bands want to put in as little time as they can into rehearsals. So if you can learn the song and chart it ahead of time, the band will see you are ready to go and they can start working immediately.

You want that edge over all the other drummers that are coming in for that audition so chart all songs that you don’t know.