Go Out To Clubs And Sit In

Full Band at Greens Grocery

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The best way for anyone to trust that you are a great player and is better that a CD, is seeing for themselves.
Go out to clubs and see if you can sit in with a band. (Some bands might not let you because they have a certain show that they must follow.)
So, the best way is going to see a band that you know or better yet, going to see a drummer that you know. Your friend or friends will let you sit in.

This is great exposure and not only will the band member see and hear you, the audience can see you to. You never know who is out there and you can get a gig just by being seen in club circuit.

Always sit in with any band that asks you to even if you don’t know the music. Just follow the other musicians, watch the singer for cue’s and just play.
I have been hired for many gigs that way and I am sure you will to SO GO FOR IT!

Nashville has many clubs to go to and meet many musicians and get connected. The road musicians who are not on tour are all playing downtown at the local clubs. Get to know who they are and make friends with them first before you hand them a card.
Here are my three rules that you should know if you want meet the right people and get somewhere here in Nashville.
Rule 1. You never know who you are talking to so be nice.
Rule 2. They never look like what you expect them to,so be nice to everyone.
Rule 3. Do not tell them you are in the music business unless they ask. You can only do that after you have met them three times and they ask you first.

I was asked to join a National touring band on just a recommendation from another musician.
It is developing relationships and letting musicians get to know who you are.

This month, go out to the clubs and find a friends band and ask to sit in. You might not always get the chance but be ready.