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Drum Teachers, Teaching Ideas Using Drum Chart Builder

Hi Drum Teachers,

Since the release of Drum Chart Builder, a drum charting software program, I have found more uses for the program beyond just charting a song so I wanted to share my experiences with you.

I use Drum Chart Builder as a teaching tool.

My students have accounts and bring in their iPads or tablets to lessons and we open their accounts and build any type of drum notation the will help them understand how to read music.
You can always open their accounts on your iPad or tablet at their lessons so you are not limited if they don’t bring in their iPad. The program is browser based so anything you do in their account stays there for them to review.

I have found that when I can see how they interpret a song and notation using Drum Chart Builder, I get a better understanding of how they listen and learn.
Your students like technology so they will use the program. It’s fast and easy.
This was truly an interesting find. My students really like using the program and they are used to using iPads all the time and come up with ideas of their own.

Here is a One Drum Chart Builder Quick Tips to using the program to help your students read music better and they can create their own drum music.

Teachers Quick tip on Using Drum Chart Builder as a tool for your students

Thanks for viewing the video and I hope you give Drum Chart Builder a try and see for yourself how your students can benefit.

Liz Ficalora

Pro Drummer and Teacher
CEO and Designer of

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New App – Now You Can View Your Drum Charts Offline

Drum Chart Viewer
For Drum Chart Builder Users
Don’t have a Drum Chart Builder Account Click Here
Download from the App Store Today

After building your charts in Drum Chart Builder use the new app for viewing all charts and setlists offline.

While playing a gig at a golf course resort, I noticed that the wifi was not working at the speed I needed. After talking to the developer, we decided to release Drum Chart Viewer for offline use. This app is free to all users and only works if you have a drum chart builder account. All setlists look great in the app and you can change the font. The app works great on all IOS devices so on your iPad and iPhones the charts and setlists are very clear and easy to read. As you build charts in Drum Chart Builder all charts are automatically saved to the app.

You will enjoy the speed of this app for viewing all charts and setlists. Since it is only for viewing charts and setlists we added a drawing tool so users could edit all charts fast. Highlight song forms and corresponding drum patterns so it makes playing and viewing charts clearer and faster. Cross out any sections to change song form fast.

I feel this is a great addition to the Drum Chart Builder program and we intend to keep listening to our user and add more features.
Go to the app store and download this fast and quick app.

Drum Chart Builder Tips 
#1 Best browser to use is Chrome or Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

#2 It’s faster to build charts and setlists on your computer then take your mobile device to your gigs to edit.

#3 Download the Free Drum Chart Viewer app in the app store to view charts offline when WiFi is not available.

#4  Need drum charting instruction? Go to to purchase the PDF How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.

#5 If you need help charting, send us a pdf or jpeg of your chart and we will make some suggestions.

Help You Build Your Charts
Link to Quick Start Video’s  (links are also available in the help menu.)
Link to Drum Charting Quick Tips
How to Read A Drum Chart
NEW PDF Book on Drum Charting Basics and How to Use Drum Chart Builder.

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The Drum Chart Builder Viewer for Drum Chart Builder Users

The Drum Chart Builder Viewer for Drum Chart Builder Users
Will Be Available in the App Store.

This app will enable you to view drum charts and setlists offline on your mobile device.
Features will include:

view all charts and setlists,
drawing tool for edits.
Loads fast and moves fast.


You must have an account with Drum Chart Builder
Being a user, I found that this app was needed so I commissioned the developer to create the app.
The ISO version will be first followed by the Android and you will have to have a Drum Chart Builder account to use it.
I will send an announcement when it is available.