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Drum Chart and Song Track Play Along

Love Sneakin Up on You

Bonnie Raitt

Feel R&B, Time Signature 4/4, Tempo 95 BPM, Drum Start with a Pickup


Play this chart!

I wanted to post this chart so you could try reading and playing along with a cool song.

This chart was built using Drum Chart Builder a software program that I designed to go along with my book.
I used Knowledge Rocks software to add the counting motion making it easy for you to understand how to read a one-page chart like this.
Then I used Adobe Captivate to add highlight boxes so you could easily see how to play the correct pattern for each song form
Count and follow the song form as you play. This charting method is simple, fast and easy to build all of your charts so you don't have to memorize anymore.
Give it a try and have fun with the play along.

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