The Value in Creating A Website

How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

Your website is your business card. It should have everything about you as a professional musician.
Include the following:

1. Bio (include a list of all the instruments you can play. This matters when it comes to pay.)
2. Audio demo (four songs in different styles)
3. Contact information
4. Equipment list

Websites can easily be updated whenever you have the material in hand. I feel it is best to have that control over your destiny. You can fix what you don’t like and add what you like without consulting someone else.
If you would like to build a regular site you can buy templates for as little as $40.00 and create a colorful site, add audio, pictures and just about anything without having to learn html code.
I use WordPress. It is simple to use and I get great results.

There is also and These are very easy to use and using them with your other websites works great. What I like about these social media sites is that you don’t have to write a long letter, just a few sentences. You will collect names very quickly with social media sites.

I have WordPress Site. I built the site and I recommend you do that also to have control of the content. You want to be able to change everything on your site at all times. Just imagine wanting to put up a new picture of yourself and you have to wait a week before your web designer can get to it.

Make it professional and simple to read. Start driving traffic there by contacting your friends and ask them to visit your site and comment on it.