Creating a Demo CD

How To Promote Yourself And Make Money

Let’s say you meet a busy record executive or producer and they need to hear you play right away. A Demo CD is always a good thing to have for that moment. Busy executives and producers will not have time to go to your website and most likely they will just forget anyway. So hand them a CD if they request it. They might just listen to it in their car on the way home.

When you put together a CD, make it a short 3 minute demo. Use small parts of about 6 of your best songs. Editing the songs with audio editing software is very helpful. Use fade in and fade out on all songs and connect them so they fade from one into the next one. It makes a very impressive CD.

Make sure you use songs that work with the style of music they are use to working with. They might hand it to other producers that are doing the same.

Label the CD with:

  1. You name and contact information
  2. Your website address
  3. List of songs and style of each song

Make sure your recordings are great quality wave files. Mp3’s don’t always sound great. I only trust a wave file for my material and I recommend that you do the same.

This month work on the CD project and spend time choosing your songs carefully. Be who you are and use your best stuff that represents your style the best. Edit all the audio tracks and create all the fade in and fade out sequences. Use your computer and design a label and insert for the CD.