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Still Writing Drum Charts By Hand?

Want to Learn How to Write a Simple Drum Chart
Fast Without Writing Bar After Bar Of Notation
and STILL Play the Song Just Like the Recording?

Today You Can Learn How to Write a Chart Like This!

  If You Are A Working Drummer, Returning Drummer or a Drummer Who is Ready to Go Pro,
You Can Make Your Gigs and Sessions go smoothly….And I GUARANTEE You Will Never Miss an Accent or Fill Again!

From the desk of Elizabeth Ficalora
Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.
Dear Fellow Drummer,

My name is Liz Ficalora,–Berklee graduate, PASIC Master Class Clinician, Remo and Vic Firth Artist endorsement, teacher and working professional drummer, percussionist in Nashville, TN.
And I have a question…
Has this ever happened to you?
Have you ever gotten a call at the last-minute for a fill-in gig that you needed to write drum charts for…
…and the gig starts in an hour?
Or you landed a job with the hottest road band in town, that is leaving for Chicago in 2 weeks!—and the guitar player hands you a stack of CDs with 97 songs that you have to know perfectly…

If you’ve faced a situation like this, then…

you’ll be very excited to hear about an incredible
How To Book that I’m about to share with you!
Announcing the release of
“How To Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart.”
A simple how to method to writing drum music for cover and original songs.

Written exclusively for Drummers
cover from InDesign 600

56 Pages
54 Track CD Included
1 Play Along Track
15 Charts of Songs (see song list in images)
to use at your gigs and more……

This method is becoming the standard that is used by professional drummers worldwide.
Great for any level drummer or student.
Teachers will find this book to be the perfect tool for all level drum students.

How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart teaches an innovative and simple approach to drum chart writing that takes almost no time to learn. Charting a song helps you play with greater accuracy, ensuring that you play the song correctly the first time and every time. This, in turn, will help you land better gigs and build confidence. Designed for drummers, composers, and students who work with different bands and need charts for al the various songs they encounter, the method taught here won’t require you to turn pages or read bar after bar of drum notation, Instead. You’ll see the full form of a song on one piece of paper and only have to write a few measures of drum notation to keep yourself in the groove. Make your life easier and land more gigs when you can easily and accurately play songs right away.

Author Liz Ficalora is a Clinician, Teacher and Working Professional Drummer, Percussionist and the designer
of the Drum Chart Builder Software Program.

She has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine, Drum! Magazine, Rhythm Magazine and Berklee Today.
Endorsed by Louie Bellson, Gary Chaffee, Remo, Vic Firth, Drum! Magazine, Guitar Center, Rich Redmond, Lalo Davila and Jeff Salem.

The Book Includes:

  • 57 Pages of Drum Charting Instruction
  • 54 tracks of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns
  • 1 Original Song Tracks to Chart and Play Along
  • 15 Drum Charts of Popular and Current Music
  • 12 Step Easy Method to Writing a Drum Chart for Cover or Original Music
  • 10 Pages of instruction on how to use the Drum Chart Builder Software Program
  • 4 Pages of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns to listen, practice and learn.
  • 3 Different Blank Charts For Copying


The Book Covers Techniques in:

  • How To Chart Out The Song Form
  • How To Determine The Feel Of The Song
  • How To Determine the Time Signature
  • The Basic and Advanced Snare Drum and Bass Drum
  • Patterns That Are Used The Most
  • How to Identify and Write Simple Drum Notation for Your Songs
  • Organizing Your Materials
  • Techniques to Counting the Band In
  • How to Write Out a Medley
  • NEW Drum Charting Software Program Drum Chart Builder (can be purchased separately)
    The new Drum Chart Builder Software Program, designed by the author Liz Ficalora, is available now.
    Build your charts using your new skill just like the one in the book. Charts will look beautiful and clean. Build your charts on your computer and take a mobile device and go!

    Visit Drumchartbuilder.com to read more and start an account for free. (subscriptions start at $4.99 – Best Value $29.99 for the Year)

cover from InDesign 600 300-388

Order your Hardcopy for $19.99
and you’ll have the tools you need
to tackle any drumming job with confidence.
(FREE Shipping in the US Only)
(International Add $15.00) 

But wait there is more!!

Today, you can get your hands on

2 Unique Bonus Reports
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This Bonus includes 10 ways that will help you get that audition

and help you continue to make money doing what you love to do.

• Who to Call
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• What to Do

Learn the simple secrets to get started and advance your career.
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When you accept a gig, do you ask all the right questions to assure that we are going to get paid?

Do you go blindly to the gig and later when you are packing up, realized that because you forgot to ask important detailed questions you were left stranded on the side of the road?

I have put together a checklist to help all drummers ask all and the right questions so you will get paid fairly and have fun.

• Get the Money You Deserve
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I want you to succeed and come home with money in your pocket.

Order your copy today and get…
“How to write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart”

An amazing drum charting system that is simple and easy to use.

Plus the 2 Bonuses
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and start charting in the next 5 minutes.


My IRON CLAD, NO B.S. Guarantee:

Take one full year to examine and use this system.

Don’t Delay Your Career Any Longer!


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